Our import and export services facilitate cost-effective and efficient movement of goods globally. Our services also include Other Bill of Lading Preparation, Custom clearance and documentation, Packaging, Reefer storage facility, Shipment Booking, Fast tracking of goods delivery.

Procedures for Importer Using Kaduna Inland Dry Port Ltd

  1. Prospective importer open Form ‘M’ -indicate Kaduna Inland Dry Port (KIDP) as place of delivery.
  2. IMPORTER will instruct Supplier/Shipper at the port of loading that he wants his consignment delivered at Kaduna Inland Dry Port.
  3. The Shipping company/line to ensure that the cargo is manifested to Kaduna Inland Dry Port as final place of delivery.
  4. Shipper Pay Ocean and inland freight to shipping line/carrier as agreed by both parties.
  5. Shipping line issues through bill-of -lading to shipper.
  6. Shipping company/line must inform KIDPL ten (10) days before arrival of the vessel.
  7. Shipper/Importer forward import documents to the appointed clearing and forwarding agent to commence clearing process before container/cargo arrival
  1. Shipping company is responsible for movement of container/cargo from mother port (Apapa & Tin Can) to KIDP.
  2. Clearing agent process duty assessment with customs, pay duty, present container for physical examination, obtain shipping and customs release respectively.
  3. Clearing Agent obtain clearances from respective government regulatory agencies.
  4. Clearing Agent pays KIDPL for services offered at the port.
  5. KIDPL issues Terminal Delivery Order to agent for final delivery at the dry port.
  6. Agent take delivery and deliver goods at importer’s warehouse and ensure empty container return to KIDP.
  7. It is the shipping line’ responsibility to ensure empty container returns to Lagos seaport/terminal.

Procedures for Exporting Cargo From Kaduna Inland Dry Port

  1. Prospective Exporter must register with Corporate Affair Commission (CAC) & Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC).
  2. Exporter consolidates their export goods at KIDPL warehouse.
  3. Exporter appoints forwarding Agent, who will facilitate; empty container booking from shipping company, reach out to export inspection agents – Cobalt, SGS & Bureau Veritas, inform Customs and other regulatory agencies to supervise container stuffing and ensure container are properly sealed.
  4. Exporter is to forward the contract agreement to the agent as guide for proper documentation and to obtain necessary certificate as required by contract.
  1. Shipping Companies provide empty container to exporter by instructing KIDPL to release empty box to exporter’s appointed agent.
  2. Export container will be sealed after stuffing at Kaduna Inland Dry Port.
  3. Appointed agent obtains KIDP’ invoice to effect payment for service offered.
  4. Agent will arrange for transportation either by rail or road to Lagos seaports.
  5. A through-bill of lading (TBL) will be issued when container/cargo on board vessel by the shipping company.
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