Kaduna Inland Dry Port Limited;
First Dry Port Operator in Nigeria

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Kaduna Inland Dry Port Limited;
First Dry Port Operator in Nigeria

Kaduna Inland Dry Port Limited was commissioned by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2018 now operating as a port of origin for export and port of destination for import (first of its kind in the country) for hinterland and land lock neighbouring countries with no sea ports like Niger Republic, Chad etc.

Why Choose Us

With a vast knowledge of the maritime industry spanning over several years, we are the preferred logistics partner.

Low Turnaround Time

Government Agencies operate with well-equipped office accommodation within the port premises to enhance trade facilitation and reduce turnaround time.

Low Demurrage Costs

We ensure reduced cost on demurrage as the empty containers are returned to KIDP terminal when shipping company returns empty container back to Lagos.

Effective Logistics

An operational setup that simplifies, standardizes, and harmonizes the procedures associated with information flow to move goods without hindrance.


A dry port (sometimes inland port) is an inland intermodal terminal directly connected by road or rail or both to a seaport and operating as a center for the transshipment of sea cargo to inland destinations.

In bonded terminals, only customs clearance takes place, whereas in dry ports, all maritime activities including shipping takes place.

The difference is the absence of water in the case of dry port, otherwise they are the same. A dry port is located in the hinterland where there is no water.

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